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Donation Needed

comeHello everyone, may the Lord’s peace be with you and your families. I have not seen many of you for a while(hopefully I will see you there) and it is not easy to ask for this kind of help, but I have not other people to turn to. As you know we are a self supported ministry and our resources are from the monthly mass and the conferences. Unfortunally, we did not have a conference this sprint to bust our resources.  We  are having a 24 Hours Worship at Holy Cross and it is a free event, we need your support financially for this in whatever amount you can contribute it will be great, Holy Cross and Father Basil have been great to us and we need to be able to give something back to them to help with electricity and to provide  supplies during the event.

We already have all the bands schedule for the worship, please invited your families and friends to come for one hour or two, children are welcome, they bring so much joy and are not embarrass to dance with joy. This is an event that is new to our generations but not to God, He loved it when King David did it for over 30 years and the rewards are written in the bible to prove it. So make plans to be with us even overnight if you feel open to it. (bring a pillow so you can rest to).

All your contribution will be tax deductible and send out to you by the end of the year 2013.

Please make checks to Holy Cross with CCRA at the memo and mail it to our office address below:

501 Pedernales Bldg 1-D
Austin, Texas. 78702

Please invite everyone you know, helps us to spread the word for PENTECOST 24 HOURS WORSHIP
a flyer is attach for you. Remember there will be Healing Mass before the Worship.

Thank you

May the Lord bless you with love and abundance of everything.

In His love

Need your help praying – 24-hour Worship

This is a special request for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
please join us to spend time of consistent and Corporate harmony with the Holy Spirit, with Him things change.

Corporate prayer and fasting will mysteriously and supernaturally break down dividing walls in the body of Christ, transcending denominational lines.
When Peter was released from prison by the Angel, it was because the church of Jerusalem was praying all night on his behalf ( Acts 12:1-12)

God releases an awesome authority to us when several people come together in His name to fast and pray. this authority contains the kind of power that can dislodge mountains.
It is a weapon God has given us, when we choose to become as one laser bean by will of God-given power and concentrated heavenly light.

Here is a question to help you understand the power of Corporal Prayer and Fasting.
If one laser bean is powerful enough to cut through hardened steel at close to the speed of light, what could 21, 50, or 100 laser beans do if their power was gathered together into one concentrated bean of power? This is a good picture of our power in corporate fasting and prayer.

We have the responsibility in Christ to reshape history and transform the destiny of our churches,our cities, and the nations. This is the vision of Jesus and the commission of the Father, so let us be participants in bringing a Pentecost to Austin and Central Texas by coming together in a corporate fasting and prayer just as they did on the Day of Pentecost in the upper room. (Acts 2:1-4)

Join us with at least one day of the week with fasting and prayer until Pentecost weekend, May 18th. Choose any fast you can do and keep this cause in prayer everyday. It is important to fill all the days of the week until May 18.

so, what is the cause for this sacrifice?

Our 24 Hour Worship on May 17-18, Worship opens the gates of Heaven. please see flyer on the main website.

Thank you for your help and God’s blessings be upon you.

In His love,
Christina Turullols